Cool Springs Pediatrics

Founded in 1999, Cool Springs Pediatrics is the medical office of Norman Albertson, MD and Michelle Fiscus, MD. We serve patients from birth to  twenty-one years in our conveniently located office at 508 Autumn Springs Court, Suite 2B in Franklin. Office hours  are from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday and by arrangement with the on-call physician on weekends. All patients are seen by appointment only. We accept most commercial insurance plans but currently we are not Tenncare providers. Both physicians welcome you to come in for a free consultation if you are considering bringing your children to us or if you are expecting a baby in the near future.


Why Choose CSP?

We are a small single-specialty physician owned practice which strives to provide excellent pediatric care. As a patient, you will be seen by one of two board-certified physicians. We do not utilize physician assistants or nurse practitioners. While our nursing staff is extremely well trained and educated, the physicians oversee all aspects of care and medical advice. The physicians review each telephone call to make sure the advice given was appropriate for the individual patient. Our nurses really are nurses – either LPNs or RNs. No medical assistants or receptionists who may have worked in the office for “years and years” are used to provide patient care.  We see urgent sick patients during same day appointments. During office hours we want to provide as much patient care as we safely can to keep your child out of the emergency room.In addition to “routine” sick visits and well child check ups, we may suture/glue lacerations, give breathing treatments, administer intravenous fluids, and freeze warts in the office. As a small practice we have a “CLIA-Waived” lab, meaning that we are allowed to run certain basic laboratory tests in the office (rapid strep tests and blood glucose for example). Other test which may require a blood sample are obtained by the nursing staff and picked up by a lab courier so that most critical results are available in a few hours. The skill of our staff means that you don’t have to go to a separate facility just for lab work. After-hours care is available through the physician on-call for the evening. Over the telephone we will direct you to either seek emergency treatment for your child or hopefully determine that your child can wait to be safely seen in the office in the morning.

Because of our size, we are able to adapt quickly to provide the best, most up-to-date medical care. As physician-owners, we do not have to seek approval from a practice medical director, hospital administrator, or governing board in able to provide additional services to our patients. We are able to adopt to the most recent authoritative recommendations if these meet the  needs of our patients and are based on facts relevant to our patients and practice.

While we are proud of our abilities to provide excellent medical care to our patients, we are  equally pleased to provide this care in a personal manner. Over time, you will get to know the staff (we have very little personnel turnover) and physicians and we will get to know your family. One of the joys of a pediatric practice is seeing the child grow and mature over the years. We hope that Cool Springs Pediatrics meets your needs for pediatric care and if you choose to bring your child to us that we become partners in their healthcare for a long time.



Both physicians are strong believers that the current schedule of vaccines provide your infant/child/adolescent valuable protection from serious (and possibly life-threatening) illness. We believe the vaccines are safe and have seen no credible scientific evidence of ill effects from vaccines other than those which are well known and mentioned in the product packaging. While we respect your right as a parent to choose for your child, we strongly recommend that your child be vaccinated following the most current immunization schedule.


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